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Landlords contents insurance

Landlords contents insurance

When arranging landlords contents insurance you want to make sure you take into account that items such as carpets, curtains and white goods are usually considered contents and as such should be taken into account in your total sum to be insured. This type of insurance generally will provide no cover for the tenants contents, for this they will need their own home contents insurance policy.

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At this moment in time there is no legal requirement for contents insurance in let properties however it can create huge financial losses for the landlord if the worst happens(for example a fire) and they have no insurance in place. In the same way that your landlords policy wont provide cover for the tenants contents, their own home insurance wont provide cover for your contents in the let house.

Landlords home insurance

Landlords home When letting your property its crucial to remember that the tenants may not take as good care of the property as you would yourself, afterall its not their contents which could be damaged. You should take this into account when considering insuring the contents of the property such as the carpets which could suffer damage from a flood, fire or other peril. Any responsible landlord will want to make sure that they have at least a minimum level of contents insurance in place to provide cover for these such items.

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