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Landlords buildings insurance

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Landlords buildings insurance

Landlords buildings insurance

Landlords buildings insurance is a specific policy to provide cover for your let property against major perils such as fire, flood and subsidence, as a landlord it is important to be aware that a standard home insurance policy usually will not provide cover once a property is being let out to a tenant since this is considered to be a different risk than if you were living in the property yourself.

How do I know the Rebuild value?

When arranging your buildings insurance it is very important to remember that you need to insure the building for its rebuild(reinstatement) value and not the sale price which is very often a higher figure. Over insuring your building will obviously result in a higher premium which decreases your chances of a cheap policy whereas under insuring your property could result in a claim being repudiated. The only accurate way to obtain the rebuild value for your landlords house is to have a full buildings survey performed by a professional and submit this as the rebuild value when performing your quote.

Landlords house insurance

Landlords house Another benefit of having a specific insurance policy for a landlords house is that it will usually provide property owners liability which gives you the so needed protection against an injury the tenant may receive whilst on your property and hold you responsible. As you can imagine such claims are often for thousands with regards to compensation for their injury, when you consider the small cost a buildings insurance policy it simply doesn't make sense to operate without this cover. An online quote takes only minutes to complete and we can usually initiate cover as soon as payment has been made via card. Usually our policies include property owners liability as standard which provides protection against your tenant holding you liable for an injury they receive within your property, for example if they were to fall down the stairs of your let property and hold you liable for their injury however this type of insurance shouldn't be mistaken for public liability insurance which is different.

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